Microsoft Solutions Lab

○ Silver Partner for BI
○ SharePoint Migration
○ Azure Cloud Enablement

Microsoft Silver Partner for BI

In an app-driven economy, through our partnership with Microsoft since 2010, we build great software solutions for our customers and create highly differentiated value.

We help our clients to digitally transform by leveraging Microsoft technologies to build web and mobile apps for consumers or business—or help modernize their existing apps and put them in the cloud on Azure.

With the Application Development competency and partnership with Microsoft, we’ve refined our expertise in providing development solutions on a comprehensive and enterprise-proven platform, as well as expanded offerings on a hybrid cloud platform.

Azure Cloud Enablement

Microsoft Azure. Innovation for endless possibilities.

Trusted, global, secure

Clients know at Microsoft, security is paramount. We are dedicated to making the continuous advancements it takes to be the most trusted, reliable cloud.

End-to-end solutions

Our developers build, test and deploy cloud-first applications quickly. Azure delivers the unique yet complementary tools necessary for end-to-end development solution.

Open and flexible

Partnering with Microsoft, we help our clients make the most of their existing IT investments, giving them the freedom to build, deploy and manage applications anywhere, with the tools of their choice.

Data intelligence

In a world flooded with data, it’s all about being able to ingest, analyze, visualize, and draw the insights for your business to thrive. This is where the true power of Azure is unlocked.

SharePoint Migration

Say Goodbye to Business Data problems


t’s time consuming to find documents by clicking through file folders, emails, and line of business systems. Enterprise Content Management systems are an efficient and productive way for employees navigate the mountain of data. It enables you storing, searching, editing, and backing-up information with ease.

Thoughtfully designed and developed SharePoint portals effects positive results to the bottom-line and employee efficiency. We have an enviable track record of creating highly effective & efficient SharePoint portals that can evolve with your changing needs. we have further ensured that our customers and their stakeholders are effectively supported & trained to guarantee the bottom-line impacts that we had promised

Bring the power of SharePoint to your ecosystem

  • We bring the necessary expertize to the table to empower customer teams with the right tools, be for internal workflows or external customer experience
  • Taking advantage of SharePoint features, our focus will be to educate our customers on the know-hows for continuous customization and maintenance
  • Our skilled designers and developers build what our customers need keeping in mind what fits our customer’s ecosystem
  • Designing a portal that enables, Electronic workflows, Document Management, Collaboration across sites, Change Management, Governance, Enterprise Search, and Enterprise Content Management