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With over a decade of experience on Guidewire application support & maintenance and upgrades projects, we have an inherent understanding of how to fit technology to meet business goals. Coupled with our acquired capabilities of CX and digital transformation, we have created strong customer success stories.
Our high customer satisfaction is a testimony to our differentiated approach that ensures successful implementation along with effective data management, quality assurance and managed services.

Our capabilities includes handling Guidewire PolicyCenter, Guidewire BillingCenter, Guidewire ClaimCenter projects. Configuration of business rules, new screens, and data model, and integration with external systems.
User acceptance testing, system integration testing, and automated testing framework in GOSU, data profiling of legacy data, and report generation and other consultation capabilities.

Our best practices helps our clients to successful transition from post implementation to application maintenance & support.
We help to switch to a long-term support and enhancement project model that helps clients to do modular developments and change requests.
We provides cost effective application management and support services leveraged with our Offshore delivery centers helping you make the most of your
investment for the long-term post-implementation project improvements that weren’t initially anticipated.We improve DevOps, increased RoI, fixed billing through our flexible staffing arrangements at a competitive price.

Our competent team carries out methodological approach for technical upgrades of the Guidewire application.
Our services included updation of business rules, upgrade application databases, implement screen configuration and build the Guidewire portion of interfaces to other applications.

We also upgrade client instances of Guidewire software to the new version and fully test and resolve defects for the application configuration and integration layer.

Our detailed planning and mitigation for Migration & Data Management services includes understanding module dependencies, holistic testing plan and verification processes, analytic report to document source and target data management.

Mahathi Infotech has deep experience in testing the Guidewire suite and offers the full range
of testing services:

• Performance and security testing
• Functional and system testing
• Regression testing
• Project test cases, User acceptance testing


We have built a world class Guidewire practice with trained / certified Guidewire professionals who have succesfully leads various project across America and Asia.

Mahathi Infotech brings significant experience and accelerators to Guidewire Support Projects including:
– Successful track record in handling support engagements including upgrades, testing, reporting, guidewire applications management and analytics.
– Guidewire global delivery Centers of Excellence based in the U.S., Philippines & India
– End-to-end testing assets including test cases, use cases, models and test scenarios

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