Customer Experience Solution

Industry experts agree that actionable insights can be extracted by measuring and analyzing web portal visitors.  Marketing can understand the intent of the visitor and improve their digital experience.  Analyzing the data gathered through the digital channels can be translated into meaningful business outcomes.

Our Customer Experience Analytics Solution
helps our clients measure and improve customer experience across all channels.


Seamless,  Intuitive navigation


Meaningful Digital Experience


Customized, Insightful communication


Improvement Management

Making meaningful business decisions

The goal of every organization with access to large data collections is to harness the most relevant data and use it for optimized decision making. Big data technologies not only support the ability to collect large amounts of data, they provide the ability to understand it and take advantage of its value.

The World of Hadoop

We help our customers approach the big data problems with the right perspective and analysis & interpret the results to implement informed market decisions. We can help your enterprise build the infrastructure and software systems to store and process big data using the Hadoop stack.

NoSQL and BigData

Whether it’s building a scalable NoSQL databases like Hbase, MongoDB, Cassandra or Microsft’s NoSQL database on Azure for real time or batch processing, our team is up to the task. We can help you exporting or importing data between Hive and SQL server giving our customer a viable data management strategy for reporting, processing and storing large amount of data.

Platform Agnostic?

We are conversant with the open source technologies related to Hadoop. Being a Microsoft Silver partner, we can help you provide the right direction to solve your big data problems.

We are committed to superlative performance


To gain unprecedented opportunities in the market place, mobile presence is of utmost importance.

Apple iOS

iOS carries a premium brand name and is in demand among many enterprises. Our highly competent iOS developers provide customized applications for iOS versions 3.x, 4.x, 5.x in Mobile or Tablet to suit your needs.

Google Android

Provided by Google, Android is the most used and open mobile platform for smart phones and tablets. With a team of android developers, we provide customized enterprise mobility solutions confirming to your requirements

Windows 8

Windows 8 is rapidly gaining traction among enterprises for mobile solutions owing to distinctive features and application stability. Our team has expertise in development of windows 8 mobile apps which can help business to be more competitive and current


Mahathi focuses on enterprise solutions and Blackberry is one of the most sought-after mobile platforms for enterprises. We follow the industry best practices to develop mobile applications for blackberry platform and provide efficient business solutions to enterprises.