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Enterprise Application Services

Application Development

Microsoft Platform

Developing high reliability and high availability enterprise grade applications requires specialized skills and platforms. Mahathi Infotech has a dedicated R&D practice around Microsoft .Net Technologies which ensures that we make use of and develop on the latest Microsoft platforms. As a company specializing in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Business Process Management solutions, Mahathi Infotech has implemented and deployed numerous Enterprise grade applications. As a Microsoft Silver Partner with a competency in Software Development, Mahathi Infotech is equipped with best in the class technology and software infrastructure. This enables us to create robust, secure and scalable applications, both for the web and desktops, and deploy them quickly and easily. We offer the following services around the Microsoft Technology Stack –

  • Outsourced Software Development
  • Software Testing & QA
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

Enterprise Portal Development

Web-based applications are the best way for employees or users access to business fuctions anywhere, anytime. Mahathi is capable of handling every kind of web-based application solution including:

  • Data Management and Application Development
  • Design and Development of Charting and Data Visualization
  • Website, E-Commerce or Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Intuitive and Robust User Interface Development
  • Integration with other web-based systems
  • Solutions for systems integration issues

we consider ourselves Web experts. Having navigated through the dynamic medium for over 15 years we understand the changing needs of our clients. We have gained experience through numerous applications and Web sites for clients in several industries including: energy, consumer products, healthcare, non-profit and financial services.

Infrastructure Services

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Data Center Services
  • IT Service Desk

Infrastructure is treated as a service within the organization and people need to experience an extremely efficient and fault-tolerant IT system. But with varying and rising demands for hardware and the ever-changing technology spectrum, it is sometimes hard for companies to maintain systems and services.

At Mahathi Infotech, we understand the exceedingly intricate and complex demands placed on the IT department in any organization. We provide

  • Advanced Infrastructure Management
  • Networking Infrastructure Solutions
  • Security Management
  • Biometric Security
  • Lotus notes/ Dominos Server

We work on IT systems which are accessed, around the clock, by multiple players with varied demands. We know that for a business to flourish, the system has to prioritize virtually all requests 24/7 and provide a seamless user experience, while inherently addressing critical features such as availability, capacity, security and integrity.

Once our services are established, the system is periodically tweaked to ensure that our clients obtains the optimal results out of their IT department

Data Centres are expensive to establishand maintain. The complexity of the system also places huge demands on the Incident Management teams. Sky rocketing prices and operationaldemands of running a Data Centre are huge and this could take the organization’s focus away from working on itselfand improving its unique selling processes.

At Mahathi Infotech, we understand the complexities involved and help you garner the maximum from your investments. We provide consulting, planning, implementing and maintaining support for your server needs. We ensure thatavailable resources are best utilized and aligned to your business needs. We also offer Disaster Recovery plans, Business Continuity planning, back up planning and execution. We cover obvious and unseen risks alike and ensure that the system is up and running as per the business demand. Automation planning helps reduce major resource constraints and works towards providing a failure proof system, increasing overall efficiency. The entire process is delivered through ITIL best practices.

The face of the organization is its Service Desk. A well-equipped, intuitive and personable Service Desk resolves most users problems by effectively addressing issues. This creates a positive impression and increases the trust users have in their IT systems. Understanding this vital truth, Mahathi Infotech does the following:

Issues are sorted out in time and any successive issues logged are handled by the users themselves.

The tool captures recurring concerns and ensures that problem tickets are raised for them.

We deliver IT services using ITIL best practices, thus making certain that high levels of service are maintained in the support life cycle.

Our ITIL policies cover all of Change, Release and Configuration Management. All the releases are ratified and approved by the Change Management board and release impact is carefully studied and documented by the team, to ensure there are no majordisruptions in service.

Quality Assurance and Testing Services

Quality Assurance Services

Experience Consistent Business Value & Benefits with Mahathi Infotech’s Quality Assurance Services Mahathi Infotech QA/Testing practice offers a comprehensive suite of services across the entire software test life cycle. We provide end-to-end QA services in product testing, enterprise and application testing segments leveraging our experience and expertise in functional and non-functional testing. Mahathi Infotech’s multi-dimensional testing center of excellence (T-CoE) focuses on building industry/domain expertise, best in-class test methodologies, automation excellence, know-how on new trends and accelerators to deliver high quality testing services to our customers. Our customized key enablers such as “Knowledge Management”, “Account Management” & “Multi-dimensional Knowledge Transition” framework helps achieve consistent best testing efficiencies, mitigate business risks and generate consistent business value to our customers.

Quality Engineering & Assurance


Quality Assurance-Testing Practice

Our perennial focus on delivery excellence, productivity improvement initiatives & customer centric, flexible engagement models help customers achieve their business goals and long term cost savings.

  • Outsourced Software Development
  • Software Testing & QA
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics

Application Operations

Our Offshore ODC provides 24/7 support to over 30.000 users

Across multiple regions including:

  • Europe
  • Middle-East Asia (EMEA)
  • Africa
  • Pan-America (PA)
  • Asia Pacific (APAC)